The idea behind the company

The Editing Enterprise provides proofreading and editing services for academic papers as well as Master’s and PhD students’ dissertations. Driven by a social cause, we seek to address a specific social challenge: unemployment and underemployment in South Africa. The Editing Enterprise works with highly qualified editors who are in need of opportunities beyond their own boarders. Our vision is simple: better jobs and better papers.

Better Papers

Many researchers have brilliant ideas. However, non-native English speakers struggle to find the right words to explain and express their thoughts in the English language. Thousands of academics find themselves in this difficult position. They spend a considerable amount of time and energy perusing dictionaries and grammar rules for their papers - as opposed to focusing on their area of expertise. The Editing Enterprise will help you get your message across to your readers on time and at reasonable costs. So you can turn in better papers.

Better Jobs

South Africa is characterized by high levels of unemployment and underemployment. I’ll need to rewrite this whole section. (The only sentence I like is this: our goal is to ensure that South African editors have access to higher quality employment opportunities.)


Join us in making a difference and enquire about our services.