The Idea behind the Company

The Editing Enterprise provides transcription, proofreading, editing and translation services for academic papers and Master’s and PhD students’ theses. The Editing Enterprise works with highly qualified editors from South Africa who are looking for opportunities beyond their own borders. Our vision is simple: great jobs and better papers.

Better Papers

Many researchers have brilliant ideas. However, non-native English speakers often struggle to find the right words to explain and express their thoughts in the English language. They spend a considerable amount of time and energy perusing dictionaries and grammar rules for their papers - as opposed to focusing on their area of expertise. The Editing Enterprise is here to help you get your message across to your readers. We provide a service that is on time and at reasonable costs. So you can turn in better papers. 

Better Jobs

The Editing Enterprise mainly works with editors from South Africa and other parts of Africa. Our goal is to offer high quality and well-paid job opportunities for our editors.

Join us and inquire about our services.